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Terrorists abducted Kenyan medical officer


A Kenyan medical officer was abducted Friday, February 18th after Somali-based al-Shabaab militants stormed Fino hospital in Lafey, Mandera County.

In a statement, Police reported that:

“Jackson Kabuu, a medical officer-in-charge, was whisked away from the hospital’s staff houses alongside two other doctors when ten gunmen forcefully gained entry into the hospital at 7:30 PM, but later released the two.”

Lafey lies in the east of Northern Kenya, approximately three miles from the porous Kenya-Somalia border where Al-Shabaab members cross in and out to stage attacks. The Kenyan Union of Clinical Officers (KUCO) has complained about the security lax to protect medical staff in Mandera County.

“Despite our calls for enhanced security for essential service providers operating in these polarized regions, it is disappointing that serious security incidents continue to occur. Article 29 of our Kenyan Constitution gives every Kenyan the right to security, therefore we cannot take a backstage as Kenyans get denied their fundamental right,” cited George Gibore, the KUCO Secretary.

The union further asked the government to explain to the public the circumstances under which the three medics were kidnapped, and the measures taken to ensure Kabuu’s rescue.


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