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Columbia legalises abortion up to the sixth month of pregnancy

The civilization of death took a major step in what was once Catholic Colombia. The Constitutional Court in this South American country voted to legalise abortion until the 6th month of pregnancy.


The Colombian Constitutional Court, under pressure from the abortion industry, met in an extraordinary session during which it was judged “legality” of infanticide up to the 6th month by a vote of 5 to 4. The judges succumbed to pressure from a feminist organization operating under the financial auspices of the largest abortion “clinic” in the country, which took the perverse name of ProFamilia.

Two demonstrations gathered in front of the tribunal in Bogota, one of the supporters of life with the slogan “silence of the innocent”, the other – of abortionists and abortionists shouting slogans promoting the criminal practice of killing unborn children.

The judges succumbed to the abortion industry not only on the merits, but also on the issue of language, as the very wording of the ruling shows. It instructs state authorities to eliminate “all obstacles to the enjoyment of the sexual and reproductive rights recognized in this ruling”.

“ProFamilia is the largest abortion clinic in Colombia. They do business under the pretext of protecting women’s bodies,” explains the president of the United for Life platform, Jesús Magaña. The defenders of life gathered at the tribunal reminded the public that as a result of the judgment of 2006, the abortion ordeal had reached terrifying dimensions, so that on average an unborn child is murdered every 7 minutes.

The present victory of the abortion juggernaut does not fully satisfy its activists, who already demanded the full, unfettered “right” to abortion. According to Magaña, the judges who capitulated to the civilization of death tried to balance their judgment between pressure and the radical demands of abortionists.

Source: pch24.pl

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