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A church has been profanated in the Pakistani province of Pendjab

St. Camille de Lellis Church in Okara, located in the Pakistani province of Punjab, was vandalized on January 23. The attackers tied up and beat the sexton before throwing the hosts to the ground and overturning liturgical furniture.


A group of four armed men attacked St. Camille de Lellis Church in Okara, located in Punjab province (Pakistan) on January 23. Sacristan Allahditta Masih told AsiaNews that he was inside the church when around 10:30 p.m. “four armed men stood outside the door and asked me to come out, otherwise they would shoot me”.

They tied him up before beating him. Then they took the hosts out of the tabernacle before throwing them on the ground.

A resident of the neighborhood fortunately managed to notify the police who were able to note the offense. Father Khalid Rasheed Asi condemned the vandalism and appealed to the faithful for calm: “The perpetrators wanted to sow panic, but we must remain calm and continue to pray that no one can harm our union”, he said. Explain. 


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