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Fake policemen could have kidnapped a priest in Cameroon


On the 12th of January, Father Tobias Bekong, of the parish of Saint-Charles Luangwa, in Molyko, Cameroon, was abducted by two individuals who presented themselves as police officers in uniform and taken to an unknown destination.

Later, police officers went to the parish to get information about the abduction. The police officers filmed the search and put it on the internet, indicating that they had no clue about the whereabouts of the priest nor the identity of the abductors.

On the 8th of June, another Catholic priest was arrested by the police – by real police in this case. Both incidents happened in western Cameroon, where a quasi-civil war is raging, linked to the English-speaking irredentists of Ambazonia.

According to the report of la Croix Africa, many Catholic priests are accused by the government of supporting the separatists, who, however, are convinced that the priests are spying for the government.


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