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ICC launches barbershop for Christian converts in Kenya

Last year, Kelvin and his wife accepted Christ after hearing the Good News from a group of medical missionaries. After their Muslim community noticed them skipping daily prayers at the mosque, animosity began to grow.


Kelvin was immediately fired from his job at a barbershop that is owned by a local Muslim businessman. Kelvin, his wife, and their two children were also rejected by their extended family for leaving the Islamic faith.

He shared, “Today, I am grateful to God because He never sleeps nor slumbers. He saw our cry and our little faith and sent His angels to help us. Through our pastor, we got well-wishers who came to help us set up a new barbershop for me. It belongs to me. That is a miracle. I was not thinking about owning one soon for it is expensive to buy the equipment and install a good barbershop like this one.”

Kelvin continued, “I already have several men who shall be coming to my shop for shaving and hair care. In a week, I will be able to provide all that my family needs, and in a month, I will start saving. May the name of the Lord be blessed.”


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