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58 crimes committed against churches in an English town so far this year


Fifty-eight crimes have been committed at churches in Cumbria in the 12 months to August, according to new data obtained by the Countryside Alliance.

The figures were obtained by the Countryside Alliance as part of its ongoing call to focus attention on rural churches and increase funding for security at places of worship.

The latest 2020/21 records from Cumbria police reveal 10 thefts of which one relates to metal, as well as 31 cases of criminal damage and 17 cases of violence.

This is an increase of 11 crimes from the previous year. Cumbria is one of six county forces to record an increase.

Nationally, 115 lead thefts were recorded along with 1,336 thefts, 1,688 incidents of vandalism and criminal damage – including arson – and 824 incidents of violence, including sexual assault and assault on an officer. 207 incidents were specifically marked as burglary, as well as other crimes including stalking, malicious communications, hate crime and drug possession.

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