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Partnership between American and South Sudanese universities focused on peace


Seton Hall University and the Catholic University of South Sudan have entered into a partnership aimed at fostering student and faculty exchanges, joint research efforts, and other initiatives, Catholic News Agency reports.

The two schools announced the collaborative effort on Nov. 3, bringing together one of the oldest Catholic universities in the U.S., located in South Orange, New Jersey, and a 13-year-old Catholic university located in one of the poorest and most war-torn countries in the world.

“For a university rich of tradition and records of excellence to partner with a new emerging and promising university is no doubt motivated by the genuine spirit of fraternity and solidarity of Catholic Universities of the universal Church,” Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala of the Diocese of Tombura-Yambio, said in a prepared statement. 

Kussala is the patron of the Catholic University of South Sudan’s St. John’s Yambio Campus, located in the city of Yambio, which is involved in the partnership. The university also has a campus in the capital city of Juba.

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