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Three Christian men killed and a girl injured by Fulani militants in Nigeria


Amos David, 42, his son Abednego Amos, 8, and Reuben Sunday, 28, were murdered by Fulani militants on Friday while traveling via motorcycle in Plateau State.

Emma Amos, 12, was also on the motorcycle and sustained gunshot injuries. She is currently receiving treatment at a local hospital.

Nuhu B. Nga, the spokesperson for Miango Youth Development Association, wrote to ICC and confirmed the incident. Nga said that the father and his two children were on their way to Nkiedonwro village in Miango District, Plateau State, Nigeria.

The militants attacked the motorcycle at approximately 8 am. The driver of the motorcycle, Reuben Sunday, was a close friend and driver for an ICC representative in Nigeria. The representative, whose name is being withheld for security reasons, relayed the following message for his friend:

“Goodbye, my most loyal, younger brother, and my pilot. You obeyed my last command whenever I needed you. You drove me to horror-filled places to reveal a high level of 21-century terrorism by terror Fulani militants. You took the risk and sacrifice for me, the International Committee On Nigeria, International Christian Concern, and for the sake of Christ.

You were killed at the time we are planning to remember 29 people killed in the classroom of LEA primary school Nkiendoro. It has been four years now since you took me to the village. Yet the terror tribesmen killed you, to add another mourning to me.

I will continue to remember you… Goodbye, beloved Reuben Sunday. I love you, but Jesus loves you more. Rest with the Lord my younger brother.”

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