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Two Christian men drowned in the septic tank: their bosses sent them deliberately to die


On the 3rd of October, two Christian health care workers were visited in their homes by their bosses and obliged to go to work at 10 PM. The employees refused to go, saying that they were on holiday on Sunday, but their employers threatened with firing them if they did not obey.

The Christian men were asked to descend into a septic tank, used to store sewage, without any equipment. As soon as they entered the tank, they smelled poisonous gas and asked their employees to help them out of the hole. The Muslim men refused to help, saying they did not want to touch the Christians because they were unclean.

The Christian men were rescued at 4 AM, but it was too late: both of them had drowned by then.

Hector Aleem, who shared their story in the Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group, attached a police report, writing:

“Police have already filed a report against the three Supervisors but we all know that no action will be taken against them. I am attaching the Police report here for everyone to see.”

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group

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