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Muslim men force young Christian girls to marry in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Christian girls are raped, kidnapped, forcefully converted to Islam and are obliged to marry Muslim men on a daily basis. If the girls' families manage to initiate legal proceedings against the aggressors, in most cases, the tribunal decides in favour of the rapist, and the Christian families have no chance to get their daughter back.

Ninety-six per cent of the Pakistani people are Muslim, and only two per cent represent both Christians and Hindus.  For this reason, members of these two religious minorities are facing intense persecution in every area of their life. Moreover, Christian and Hindu women are doubly disadvantaged, as, according to Islam traditions, women are inferior to men.

As for marriages, it is no secret that many marriages are solemnised to convert the couple. It is unimaginable that a Christian man lives in a monogamous marriage with a Muslim woman. However, it is commonplace that Muslim men choose Christian women for their harem. Of course, the Christian women have no intention of living in such a marriage; that is why these men usually use violence to “seduce” their victims.

Recently, it has become more and more common for Muslim men to rape, abduct, forcibly convert and marry minor Christian girls. According to data from December 2020, every year one thousand Christian and Hindu girls are abducted and forced to marry Muslim men.

Our website reports daily about Christian girls who are raped, abducted, and even kept in captivity for months by their teachers, neighbours, or family friends.

These girls are not only minors, but many of them are under the age of ten. 

One of the most horrible cases is the rape of an eight-year-old girl who was approached on the street by a Muslim man last August. The man asked the girl to help him get something out from under his bed because he could not reach it. First, the girl refused to help, but the man insisted, and the girl consented to help. As they entered the house, the man revealed his intentions and raped the girl, who had no chance to escape or cry for help.

This past summer, a five-year-old girl was raped by one of her teachers while her older brother waited outside the kindergarten. The boy had no idea about what was going on inside. Another young girl, after being raped, became pregnant. She was kept in a cellar until she gave birth to her baby. This prevented her from returning to her family, and she had to stay with her abductor.

Usually, the Muslim men attack these girls in groups, and before one of them marries the girl, they all rape her.

The most frightening aspect of this story is that, in most cases, the judge will decide in favour of the rapists. The police and the tribunal prefer believing the Muslim men instead of the Christian families. Even if the Christian families manage to bring their case to a court hearing, the girls are sent back to their abductors in most cases. Of course, in every situation, the tribunal has to explain its decision. One of the main reasons is the existence of the marriage certificate, which the girls sign. According to the courts, the signing proves the girls’ consent; however, they are constantly forced to sign the paper.

Another trick of the abductors, in the case of very young girls, is adding four or five years to the girls’ actual age on the marriage certificate. At the tribunal, the judges always believe these false certificates instead of the birth certificate.

Finally, sometimes it also happens that an innocent Christian man gets involved and is blamed for a crime that he has nothing to do with. For example, some months ago, a young Christian boy was accused of raping his classmate. Actually, the girl was raped by one of her teachers, but the school took the side of the rapist and sacrificed a Christian student instead.

The situation that we mention has become so commonplace in Pakistan, that most of the cases are not even reported in the media. On our website, we do our best to inform the world about as many incidents as possible and try to raise awareness of the problem.

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