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Abducted Christian killed during rescue mission

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According to Morning Star News, 78-Year-old Julius Oshadumo was killed on Saturday during an attempted rescue mission in Kogi state. Oshodumo and two other Christians were being held by militant Fulani herdsmen, who kidnapped them on the 19th of September while they were at church.


Nigerian security forces attempted to save the three Christians by storming the enclave in which they were being held. One of the abducted Christians was shot multiple times and is now receiving hospital treatment. The other remains in captivity, according to police.

During the attack which took place on the 19th of September, militant Fulani stormed the Evangelical Church Winning All church in Okedayo-Kabba, killing church member Reuben Gbenga, 45, and seriously wounding Oshadumo’s wife.

“There were six armed herdsmen who stormed the church while I was conducting the call to worship, and they were shooting randomly,” Pastor Atayi said in a text message to Morning Star News. “They disrupted the worship service as members of the church scampered to escape.”

According to Oshadumo’s wife, the Fulani militants demanded a ransom of 10 million naira ($24,315) for his release. When his family replied that they could only raise 2 million naira ($4,863), they refused to release him.


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