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Fulani militants murdered four Christians in Nigeria, among them a priest


Four Christians, including a Catholic priest, were murdered on Tuesday night in yet another attack by Fulani Militants in Nigeria.


“At around 6:50 pm Nigerian time, three persons on a motorcycle were on their way from Jebbu Miango to Miango community (Plateau State), when the Fulani Terrorists laid ambush and attacked them,” said Davidson Malison, the National spokesman of Irigwe Development Association. “Their motorcycle was also burnt to ashes by the terrorists. Two were killed instantly and one sustained gunshot injuries.”

“In a separate attack same Tuesday evening, two persons were killed while working on their farm at Nzhwerenvi community in Jebbu Miango,” Malison added.

“The attackers came with guns shouting ‘Allahu Akabar’ (Allah is greatest). I did nothing to them—the [Fulani militants] wanted to kill me because I am a Christian. My friends and our catechist were killed because they were Christians.”

Ezekiel Bini, the National Youth Leader of the Irigwe Youth Movement, is also confident that the murders were due to the victim’s Christian faith.

“The killing is against Christians,” he said. “Christians are persecuted daily in my community, most especially villages in Plateau state. The government continues to remain silent. We are left under the mercy of gunmen.”


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