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Five Christians arrested on false accusation in India


On the 10th of September, five Christians, including a pastor, were arrested by police after being attacked by radical Hindu nationalists in the Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh.


The Christians were falsely charged under Uttar Pradesh’s anti-conversion law and spend several days in jail before being released on bail on September 14.

Approximately 25 Christians gathered in a Christian home in Jharuva village for a prayer service led by Pastor Richard Benjamin on September 10. As the prayers were ongoing, five Bajrang Dal activists forced themselves into the house and disrupted the service. The Bajrang Dal activists claimed the Christians were engaged in forcible conversions and called the police to take them into custody.

According to local sources, the police initially wanted to let the five Christians, including Pastor Benjamin, free, but were pressured by local politicians into booking them under the state’s anti-conversion law.


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