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Christian community in Nigeria worships for the first time after being attacked


In Plateau State, Nigeria, the month of July brings heavy rains. It is a busy season for the area’s large farming community—crops must be planted and tended, and the rains must be plentiful if the harvest in September and October is to succeed. However, for one community in Plateau the rainy summer months were slightly different this year as they worked to recover after being attacked by Fulani militants in July.


To Ibrahim Isah the July attack was particularly sobering. He is a Fulani himself and converted to Christianity some time ago. He currently pastors the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Jebbu Miango, near Plateau’s capitol city Jos. “My tribesmen came and destroyed by house by setting it on fire,” he told ICC. “I escaped, but my entire property was burned down.”

In addition to his pastoral duties, Isah coordinates the Christian Fulani Ministry in Kpachudu Miango and helped his community rebuild in the months after the attack.

He spoke with ICC about the experience on a recent Sunday after leading his congregation in its the first Sunday service since the July attack which displaced over 5,000 residents and razed over 250 houses.


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