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Armed man arrested near a church in Paris

A man armed with a 44 caliber pistol with two loaded cartridges was arrested this Sunday morning shortly after 11 a.m. near the Saint Luc church in Paris.


This Sunday shortly after 10:30 am, the priest of the parish of Saint-Luc, located rue de l’Ourcq, called the police and reported the disturbing behavior of a young man who entered his church a few moments earlier. Appearing agitated, the 28-year-old man had just asked him how to make a donation to the church, and especially what time is mass. He said he wanted to come back later to attend the service. So far, nothing suspicious.

But the clergyman was alerted by a disturbing detail: the butt of a firearm protrudes from the satchel carried over the shoulder by the strange visitor. Aware of the risks to which places of worship are exposed, he called the police.

The individual was arrested at 11:20 am by the police. Another church located nearby was secured by the police while they were questioning the individual.


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