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Canadian journalist links ongoing church arsons in Canada with BLM

The head of Rebel News, Ezra Levant, told FOX News host Tucker Carlson that the multitude of arson attacks on churches in Canada are the nation’s “Black Lives Matter” moment, and called out the near silence regarding the burnings from the nation’s top leaders.


“It’s the Canadian equivalent of when Black Lives Matter burns down black owned businesses in black neighborhoods – that does not help black people,” Levant told Carlson last week.

There has been heavy media coverage of the discovery of unmarked graves at now-closed residential schools once run by the Church in parts of Canada and now nearly forty churches, most of them Catholic, have either been burned or vandalised.  An online map posted by True North News shows the locations of these churches.

“All of a sudden Canada looks a lot like the Soviet Union,” Carlson began. “Seem like we’re exaggerating a little bit? Well, they’re burning Catholic and Anglican churches in recent days. Leftist groups are. But Canada’s leaders aren’t condemning the burning of churches. No, they’re endorsing the burning of churches,” he continued.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau waited weeks before acknowledging the church vandalism, and when he did speak, he said it is “understandable” that churches have been burned, also saying it is “unacceptable and wrong.” 


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