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Myanmar military arrest Catholic priest amid crackdown


A Burmese Catholic priest was arrested this week after the military raided his residence in the western part of the country.


Fr. Michael Aung Ling and a student boarder were arrested in the small town of Kanpetlet, Chin State, on June 16 on accusations of providing food to a civil resistance group, the Chinland Defense Force (CDF).

According to Vatican News, Ling was questioned and made to sign a document promising not to support opposition forces, before he was released around 11 hours later.

In the raid, the military also seized bags of rice and food stored in the house owned by the parish. The food is used to feed the students who board there, Agenzia Fides reported.

The Diocese of Hakha, where the church is located, has a population of 700,000, with 35,000 Catholics. Forty per cent of the population is Protestant.

Source: CNA

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