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Fulani herdsmen killed more than two thousand five hundred people in four years in Nigeria

According to a report, between 2017 and 2020, Fulani herdsmen carried out 654 terror attacks, leaving more than 2539 dead, among them many civilians and Christians. The report is based on information from several different news portals and made by José Luis Bazán, independent researcher, analyst and Secretary of the COMECE Working Group on Migration and Asylum.

The report reads that according to the Global Terrorist Index 2019, published by the Institute for Economics and Peace, the primary driver of the increase in terrorism in Sub-Saharan Africa was a rise in terrorist activity in Nigeria attributed to Fulani extremists. In 2018, Fulani extremists were responsible for the majority of terror-related deaths in Nigeria (1,158 fatalities), with an increase of 261 and 308 per cent, respectively, from the prior year. Most of the Fulani attacks were armed assaults (200 out of 297 attacks) and against civilians (84 per cent of the attacks). 

In the report, the author assembled every single attack sorted by date from 2017 until the 7th of May of 2020. However, it is difficult to know the exact date of the attacks and the number of victims because the attacks often occur in rural areas, where there is no information structure to cover them in detail; and because of the passive attitude by public authorities, including police, that does not provide complete, transparent and reliable information on them.

Besides human casualties, the Fulani destroyed villages, churches and other institutions. During this period, twenty-four Christian churches have been attacked.

The report mentions hundreds of violent attacks during these years, including many armed attacks against Christian communities. In this article, we write about the most slaughter attacks against Christians.

In 2017, on the 24th of January, Fulani herdsmen killed over eight hundred individuals in southern Kaduna, consisting of predominantly Christian men, women, and children. On the 18th of June, Fulani herdsmen and their cows disrupted a church service at Holy Ghost Parish Makurdi, Benue State. 

On the 4th of July, suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked Rev Peter Audu of ECWA Church in Aban in Numana Chiefdom of Sanga LGA, in Kaduna state. Finally, on the 24th of October, a Bishop of the African Church, Revd. Samuel Ojo was abducted by Fulani. His Chaplain, Revd. David Ayeola was killed by suspected kidnappers in Ekiti State.

On the 7th of January in 2018, at least eight people were killed in the Bachama Christian village by Fulani herdsmen. In the same year, on the 18th of June, Former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode shared on his Twitter account that five Christians of the Numan tribe have been sentenced to death by a Fulani Judge in Adamawa for defending themselves against a Fulani terrorist; meanwhile, Fulani terrorists have not been reprimanded or jailed for killing Christians.

In September, at least twenty-seven people lost their lives following attacks by Fulani militants on five predominantly Christian communities (Gon, Bolki, Ndumusu, Yotti and Yanga), in Numan local government area (LGA), Adamawa state. Many of the Christians drowned as they attempted to escape via the local river.

On the 16th of December, twelve Christians were killed at a wedding reception by armed Fulani herdsmen in the Jagindi suburb of Ungwan Pa Gwandara.

On the 26th of February 2019, forty Christians were killed in two attacks in Kaduna State. On the 23rd of March, Fulani herdsmen attacked Mante village, burning down seventeen houses, and Nidan village, Nasarawa state, burning another eleven homes. They also burned two Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) buildings and two belonging to the Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ (ERCC). Hundreds of Christians displaced in the attacks have taken refuge in Akwanga town.

On the 23rd of March, Fulani herdsmen attack Mante village, burning down 17 houses, and Nidan village, Nasarawa State, burning another eleven homes. They also burned two Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) buildings and two belonging to the Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ (ERCC) in the two villages; hundreds of Christians displaced in the attacks have taken refuge in Akwanga town

On the 17th of June, six Christians were shot to death in an attack on the village of Nakai Danwal in Plateau State. At least fifty-four houses were set on fire.

On the 14th of April in 2020, Muslim Fulani herdsmen decapitated two Christians in Benue state.  On the 25th of April, Fulani herdsmen killed thirteen Christians and kidnapped thirteen others in attacks on five villages in the counties of Kajuru and Chikun in Kaduna State.

You can read the entire report containing all Fulani attacks from 2017 to 2020 here.

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