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Preachers from Zion Church in Beijing arrested

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on the 28th of April, two preachers from the Beijing-based Zion Church were taken from their homes and put in detention.


According to urgent prayer requests sent out by the now disbanded house church, local police removed preacher Qie Jiafu from his home in Changping district on the 28th of April for the purpose of interrogation. Despite multiple phone calls to the Shahe Police Station, Zion Church members were unable to learn about the motive behind Qie’s detention.

Qie’s wife received only one phone call from police at 1:00 a.m. on April 30, informing her that Qie was placed under a ten-day administrative detention for violating Art.54 of the Regulations on Administrative Penalties for Public Security. He was also fined 500 Yuan (77 USD).

Preacher Huang Chunzi’s detention, despite taking place at the same time, was only discovered three days later, and her church was occupied with assisting Qie’s family. The last time her church members heard from her was on the 28th of April, when she notified them that local authorities were at her door. She soon went missing.

After being detained for more than seventy-two hours, local authorities still have not notified her only contactable family member. They also refused to reveal the why, when, and where of her detention.

The church is asking for prayers so that Preacher Huang will be given all the strength she needs from the Lord, and that the Lord will make way so the church can gain current updates. They also pray for sufficient grace for Preacher Qie and the many servants who are paying the price for Christ in this day and age.

Zion Church was shut down in September 2018 and legally banned as it was accused of “conducting unauthorized activities and disturbing social order under the name of civil organization.”


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