The five countries with the most Christian prisoners

In many countries, the authorities find incarceration a good way to stop the spreading of the Christian religion. With prison sentences, the governments prevent Christians from spreading the Gospel and discourage others from confessing their faith.

According to the data of Open Doors’ World Watch List of Christian Persecution of 2021, some 4277 Christians were arrested or condemned due to their faith in the period from the 1st of October 2019 until the 30th of September 2020.

In an article, Portas Abertas enumerates the five countries with the most imprisoned Christians. The top five countries are the following:


The communist authorities monitor those who believe in Christ. There are new restrictions on the internet and social media. If a Christian does not respect these restrictions,  there is a big chance that the person will be arrested and condemned.


In Eritrea, Christians are usually imprisoned without a verdict, and they are held in horrible conditions. Many are taken to locations in the middle of the desert and are locked in metal containers. The reason for the arrests ranges from carrying Christian materials to sharing the faith with others.


In Iran, Christians are seen as enemies of the State, and the ex-Muslim Christians have no right to meet with other people. Talking about the Christian faith is a crime and can be punished with prison.

North Korea

If Christians reveal their faith, they can be immediately arrested or even executed. Many are transferred to labour camps, where they are tortured until they renounce their faith.


Christians are usually condemned based on the Sharia law, according to which apostasy and blasphemy against Islam have to be punished with death. Many Christians are falsely accused of blasphemy and imprisoned.

Source: Portas Abertas

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