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French Christians criticise new law on “Islamic separatism”

Representatives of France's main Christian denominations are opposed to the implementation of the law against the so-called Islamic separatism. In its assumptions, it was supposed to resist radical Islam, but in practice, it poses a serious threat to freedom of religion.


The signatories of the letter addressed to the senators, and the president indicated at the same time that fighting Islamic extremism cannot create an atmosphere of widespread suspicion around the followers of all religions.

The law has been pushed through by President Emmanuel Macron from the very beginning. It was adopted in February by the national assembly, and it is to be discussed in the senate. Hence the joint letter from Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Christians pointing to the shortcomings and pitfalls of the act being processed.

“The new law threatens to violate fundamental freedoms, which include freedom of worship, association, education and freedom of expression” – emphasise jointly the President of the Episcopate of France, the head of the Protestant Federation and the Metropolitan of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

They point out that the life of religious communities is regulated by the Act of 1905 on balance in the separation of state and church, which functions perfectly and should only be respected by Muslims.


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