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Nigerian Cardinal denouces government’s attitude towards terrorists

The Nigerian Church harshly criticised the local government after another school robbery. "It is hard to believe that the authorities are not able to control it; we have the most powerful army in sub-Saharan Africa," complained Cardinal John Onaiyekan.


According to the hierarch, the recent events are only a symptom of the increasing chaos into which this rich African country is plunging. Last week, the bishops’ office warned the authorities that Nigeria is “on the brink of an abyss.”

Another school robbery took place on Thursday night in Jangebe, Zamfara. One hundred armed attackers came to the school in a column of trucks. They took more than 350 schoolgirls. A week earlier, a similar attack took place at a boys’ school in Niger state. Authorities say the kidnappers are only interested in ransom. According to Cardinal Onaiyekana, all these kidnappings may be aimed at destabilising Nigeria.

“We do not know whether the authorities are unable or unwilling to deal with this problem. It’s hard to see why the government is failing when it has the largest army in sub-Saharan Africa. How can it be said that the security services are unable to track down the 350 kidnapped girls? It’s a huge group, and the matter is not in the desert. Someone wants to create chaos in Nigeria,” believes Cardinal Onaiyekan.



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