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How does persecution affect Christian children?

Christian persecution does not only affect Christian adults but also their children. Open Doors enumerates the disadvantages that Christian children have to face because of their own or their parents' religion.


In countries where Christians are persecuted, Christian children also suffer from discrimination and have to bear with many difficulties. The children can be affected directly or indirectly by discrimination. The studies of Open Doors also show that discrimination varies by country and gender. 

Firstly, children are indirectly affected by the suppression of their parents or their relatives. Imprisonment, killing or forced divorce of their parents can lead to the separation of the children from their parents. Besides, discrimination against the family also can deprive the children of access to health care and basic needs, such as food and water.

Due to persecution, children are also deprived of hearing about Jesus or going to the church. In China, for example, it is prohibited to get religious education or participate in religious cults until the age of eighteen.

Finally, children also face persecution in school. Bullying from the part of the teacher and their classmates in general. In some places, it is also forbidden to them to frequent some schools or faculties. In other countries, for example in Yemen, they are forced to participate in the religious education of the majority, and sometimes they are also forced to pray Islamic prayers.

Later, in their teens, they are discriminated for their own convictions, and teenage girls are usually exposed to rape and forced marriages.

Source: Portas Abertas


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