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A priest was kidnapped and murdered by Islamists in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, Fr. Rodrigue Sanon, the parish priest of Our Lady of Peace in Soubaganyedougou, Banfora, went missing. Fr. Sanon did not come to the arranged formation meeting. His car was found abandoned in the outskirts of Soubaganyedougo.


Lucas Kalfa Sanou, the bishop of the diocese, reported the discovery of the priest’s body in Toumousseni forest, twenty kilometres from Banfora. According to local sources, the clergyman may have been kidnapped by armed groups cooperating with jihadists.

It is possible that the priest was kidnapped in order to be sold to Islamic rebels, but the transaction did not take place and Fr. Sanon was killed.

Various Islamist groups kill or kidnap people, and also carry out terrorist attacks. They clash with government troops. There are already a million internally displaced people in the country and at least 1,100 dead. To defend themselves against jihadists, numerous militias have formed, especially in the north of the country.


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