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Nigerian woman lost her husband in Boko Haram attack, but will not give up on Jesus


In 2014, Boko Haram attacked the village of Afordia. The woman managed to escape, but her husband died in the attack. Open Doors shared a video about the story of the woman, who did not give up on Jesus after the attack, and despite the ongoing persecution in her country, remains faithful to the Lord.


In the video, asked about the attack in 2014, Afordia says:

“I had to go under people’s roof to avoid the bomb blasts, to avoid the gunshots, hiding here to try and reach my house for my children.” Her husband was shot and killed in the attack, but she escaped with her children.

When David Curry, President and CEO of Open Doors, asked Afordia how Americans can pray for her and the people of Nigeria, she said:

“I would like the Americans to pray for us, for God to deliver us from such cruel killings, then for God to strengthen our faith and heal our heart from the traumas that we have gone through.”

Listen to Afordia’s full story here and find out how you can pray and care for Christians just like her in Nigeria and around the world.

Source: Open Doors

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