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Christian pastor shot dead in India

On the 8th of December, a Christian Pastor was shot dead for his faith in Jharkhand, India.


Pastor Surin was a part-time evangelist in Jharkhand’s West Singhbhum district and ran a small shop in the village of Rania to support his wife and two children.

On the 8th of December, he and his wife, Tarsis Surin, travelled to Putikda because five people wanted to be baptised there. After visiting the Christians in Putikda, Pastor Surin and his wife travelled home on the couple’s motorbike. Along the way, the couple was stopped by three unidentified individuals who shot and killed Pastor Surin.

“They killed my husband in front of my own eyes,” Tarsis told International Christian Concern (ICC). 

I pushed the man who was pointing the gun towards me,” Tarsis continued. “I ran into the thick bushes and the nearby forest. I probably walked for more than ten hours to reach my home. I purposely did not take the road to avoid the attackers.

After Tarsis escaped, the unidentified assailants fled the scene of the murder. At approximately 5:00 p.m., Pastor Surin’s body was discovered lying on the road by local travellers.

Source: ICC

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