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Joe Biden announces a tough line against pro-life activists

The announcement of the appointment of the former Attorney General of the State of California, Xaviery Becerry to the position of US Secretary of Health and Human Services, heralded Joe Biden's aggressively pro-abortion course in this area, according to American pro-life activists. The proposed candidate has extended experience in taking legal action against pro-life organisations.


On the 7th of December, President-elect Joe Biden announced that Becerra would be the secretary of health in his administration. This lawyer, if confirmed, will play a key role in shaping public health policy during the pandemic, but will also make political decisions on controversial social issues with far-reaching consequences.

According to the chairwoman of the March for Life, Jeanne Mancini, Joe Biden is keeping his promise to become the most radically pro-abortion president in history. Other pro-life advocates state that “Becerra is an aggressive supporter of abortion and an enemy of free speech.”

As the attorney general of California, the politician has repeatedly fought in court with Catholics and anti-abortion opponents in an attempt to coerce life-defenders of unexpected pregnancy centres to advertise abortion services. He also supported the activities of the largest pro-abortion organisation, Planned Parenthood.


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