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The journalists of a Catholic radio station who took refuge in the forest in northern Mozambique are safe and sound

The nine Catholic radio journalists of the province of Cabo Delgado, in the Diocese of Pemba in Mozambique, were forced to take shelter in the bush after rebels of the Islamic State raided the headquarters of the station. According to a report by the National Forum of Community Radio, they are safe and sound.


“The National Forum of Community Radio (FORCOM) reports that the nine journalists of the editorial office of the Saint Francis of Assisi Community Radio, located in the district of Muidumbe, province of Cabo Delgado, are in a safe area, after having survived for fifteen days in the forest”, reports a post on the FORCOM Facebook page.

The Community Radio Forum “was able to provide logistical support to all journalists to reach the relatively safe areas of Namialo, Montepuez and Pemba”.

The last two journalists of the group arrived to safety on the 16th of November and “are already meeting their relatives in the district of Montepuez”, FORCOM states.

However, the situation of journalists remains precarious due to the lack of sufficient food “to guarantee the livelihood of journalists and their families”, and the fear that “the rebels will attack the entire province of Cabo Delgado”.

The entire editorial team of the Saint Francis of Assisi Community Radio evacuated the radio facilities on the 21st of October, after the rebels attacked the parish church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the Muidumbe district where the station is located, forcing the nine journalists, together with their families, to escape and take refuge in the forest.


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