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“The Syrian people have been brutally driven into poverty”- an ACN interview

Maria Lozano held an interview with Jesuit Antoine Audo, the Chaldean Bishop of Aleppo in Syria, about the situation of the Church in Syria, and the Western world's understanding of the plight of Christians in that country.


In the interview, the Chaldean bishop said that even though in Europe and other western countries people think that the war is over in Syria, it is not. Foreign powers tried to weaken the Syrian economy and exploit its petroleum resources –and they succeeded.

“At this point, the Syrian economy has completely been destroyed and the Syrian people have been brutally driven into poverty”, he said.

Aid to the Church in Need supplies medical aid to Christians in Aleppo, that, according to the Bishop, “is very important because it enables us to provide regular assistance to Christians who need to undergo operations in hospitals.” He added that they are “very grateful to Aid to the Church in Need (ACN). The aid provided by ACN covers up to 70% of the costs for operations at the hospital”.

He also told that many of the Christians have not gone back to their homes after the end of the war. Most people return from Lebanon, because of the present economical crisis in the country.

When he was questioned about the future of the Church in Aleppo, he answered:

“As representatives of the Church, we are doing our best to maintain our presence. (…) Even as a minority, our future depends on whether we are a living Church and remain loyal to the grace we receive at our baptism.”

Source: Aid to the Church in Need


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