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Catholic priest kidnapped and tortured in China

A priest from the Diocese of Mindong who was kidnapped by the Chinese government was tortured during his detention to solicit his membership in the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA).


Priest Liu Maochun was visiting his parents in a hospital in Guangdong province on September 1, when he was met by police and taken away to an undisclosed location in Fu’an city for interrogation. He was only released seventeen days later.

According to Bitter Winter, Fr. Liu was ruthlessly tortured. Officers were banging a gong beside his ear and shone a bright light into his eyes for several consecutive days – a torture method known as “exhausting an eagle” where people are deprived of sleep for a long time.

Ever since the Vatican signed the provisional agreement with Beijing on the appointment of bishops, the Chinese government has targeted those loyal to the Holy See and pressured them to join the CPCA. Those who refuse to comply are threatened.


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