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Christians in Kurdistan targeted by Turkish air raids

Since the beginning of the year, Turkish air raids have devastated at least twenty-five Christian villages in northern Iraq. The fires following the bombings consumed all property of the inhabitants and all crops.


Many people died just because they were close to areas controlled by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, a separatist movement of Turkish Kurds and the target of Ankara’s airstrikes.

“The Turks have been bombing our mountains for months to kill the separatists. However, they also kill ordinary Kurds, even the unarmed,” said Fr. Samir Youssef of the Diocese of Amadiya. He suspects that the purpose of the bombings is not only to defeat separatists but also to destroy Christians.

According to the priest, the violence has intensified recently, as shown by the films and photos posted on the Internet. Even a car carrying aid to the Christian village of Araden was bombed. – We hope for a strong reaction from the government in Baghdad, which will end Turkey’s criminal actions – said Fr. Youssef.

An article was published on the website of one of the Turkish news agencies, quoting representatives of the Turkish government expressing their joy at “neutralising the terrorists” and assuring that the attacks will continue with even greater determination.



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