Christian widows talk about their life in Nigeria


Dzangola is a remote region in Nigeria, in the midst of mountains, where the people are extremely exposed to Boko Haram's aggressive attacks.

Boko Haram has been acting in Nigeria for years; they aim to bring about an Islamic state in the country.

Over the last five years, they have carried out three attacks in the region of Dzangola, in 2014, in 2015, and 2017. Each attack has left a trail of burnt-out homes, abductions, loss and pain.   

Open Doors talked with four Christian widows who are currently involved in the Open Doors trauma counselling programme, but their needs are still great, and their future still hangs in the balance. 

The Christian widows of Dzangola know the breadth and the depth of extreme persecution—and in their pain and loss, they still cling to Jesus.

After the interview, Open Doors wrote their story and shared it on its site to make the people know the difficult situation they face in their home country.

Each of the four women lost their husband in the three Boko Haram attacks; since then they are alone with their children.

Click here to read the original article and the story of the four widows of Dzangola.

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