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Christian persecution in Central Africa

Central Africa

Even though Central Africa is a country with a Christian majority, radical Islamism is growing and causing chaos.


The Central African Republic occupies the 25th place on Open Doors’ World Watch List of Persecution, because Christians are in a difficult situation there, due to the aggressive comportment of the local Muslim minority.

The Séléka militia terrorises the Christian communities; they carry out terrorist attacks against churches and the homes of Christian families. The group was formed in the Northern part of the country and is mainly responsible for the civil war in the country.

Besides the Séléka, another terrorist group, the Anti Balaka also attack Christian villages. This group was originally a local self-defence army, that later became aggressive, and turned against Christians. Even though Christians are in the majority in the country, there are some Muslim regions, where they are seriously persecuted.

Source: Portas Abertas 

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