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United States: Catholic cathedral was vandalised in El Paso

On Tuesday, a statue of Jesus was destroyed at St. Patrick's Cathedral in El Paso, Texas.


The diocese reported that someone entered the cathedral on Tuesday morning and destroyed a statue of Jesus that was in the sanctuary of the church behind the main altar.

The church was opened for prayer at the time of the vandalism allowing the perpetrator to gain entry without difficulty.

According to the diocese, the statue cannot be repaired, and Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso expressed his heaviness of heart because the statue was an irreplaceable artefact.

“This statue is one of my favorite representations of Jesus—his arms open wide in welcome, his heart aflame with love for us. I would often take inspiration from this image as I prepared for Mass,” Seitz said in a statement by the diocese. He added that he was glad, however, that nobody was hurt by the attacker. 

According to the diocese, a suspect has been detained, and an investigation by the city’s police is ongoing.

Source: CNA

Photo: Twitter account of the diocese of El Paso

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