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Polish satanists want to erect a statue of Baphomet in the city of Szczecin

At the beginning of July, an application was submitted to the magistrate of the Polish city of Szczecin to erect a statue of Satan in the municipality. The figure of the horned "deity" Baphomet would stand adjacent to the John Paul II Avenue.


The idea was submitted to the Szczecin Civic Budget. However, the city hall does not want to put it to a  vote supposedly for “formal reasons”. The authors of the project, however, announced that they “will not give up soon.”

In an interview with the local website, it was stated that they also feel discriminated against. The project is not a joke and is being thoughtfully prepared from a juridical standpoint.

“We were constantly collecting materials, photos of church interiors, from Poland and Europe, from the Vatican, showing images of Satan,” the authors explained.

“It will be a religious site and a tourist attraction (…) Children will be able to sit on Satan’s lap and take a commemorative picture with him. For foreign tourists who are not familiar with Polish progressive, full of tolerance and modern culture, it will be an opportunity to get to know our wonderful culture,” the authors concluded.


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