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Two Catholic schools graffitied in Lyon, France

On the morning of the first school day, two Catholic schools were found graffitied with anti-Christian signs and slogana in Lyon, France.


The night-time attack took place between the 2nd and the 3rd of September. Individuals drew swastikas and wrote: “School of Crime” in red letters on the facade of two Catholic schools in Lyon. The two buildings, a high school, and a primary school are located in the street “des Chartreux”, opposite to each other.

The signs were discovered at 7:30 am by the management of the school who succeeded in painting over the offensive messages before students arrived for classes.

According to Margie Devinand, deputy head of the school, nothing similar has ever happened before in the life of the school. “We are used to small signs but not inscriptions of this type. The police were notified and documented the act of vandalism,” she said.

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