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A Pakistani barbershop has been ransacked for playing Christian music

In early August, a Christian-owned barbershop in Lahore, Pakistan, was ransacked and forced to close because it publically displayed Christian symbols and played Christian music.


“We painted the Bible verse, ‘My grace is sufficient for you’ on the main door and this was not acceptable for a few Muslim customers,” explains the barbershop owner.

A group of Muslims entered the barbershop and began verbally abusing him regarding the Bible verse and a cross that hung from the front wall. The angry Muslims falsely accused them of listening to vulgar music, drinking alcohol, and causing a public nuisance.

The next day, a group of over a dozen men ransacked the barbershop. According to the owners of the place, the men wielded iron rods and damaged the shop’s glass door, mirrors, shelves, cupboards, and other equipment.

The Christian owners planned to report the incident to police, but before they could, police arrested one of them and accused him of preaching Christianity at the workplace. Fortunately, the man was released the next day.


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