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TikTok video hurts the religious sentiments of Christians in Pakistan

“I announce an offer that has never been made. If a Christian accepts Islam, I will give him 200,000 rupees; (about USD 1200) if a whole family converts to Islam, I will give a million rupees. Please accept Islam, which is the best religion.” Mian Kashif Zameer said on a TikTok video he shared.


Earlier this month, a video posted on social media has reportedly hurt the religious sentiments of Christians in Pakistan. In this video, a young Muslim businessman, wearing a gold chain, offered money in exchange for Christians and Hindus to convert to Islam.

The video has reportedly hurt the religious sentiments of Pakistan’s Christian community who already face economic discrimination and outright persecution because of their religious identity. The offer of cash for conversion has many in Pakistan’s church leadership worried.

“This is another wave of extremism against Christians in the country,” Father Victor John told International Christian Concern (ICC). “It’s alarming for all of us. Christians already face a lot of issues like kidnappings, forced conversions, false blasphemy accusations, and land grabbing. This person has introduced another threat which is more dangerous.”

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TikTok video calls on Christians to convert to Islam for USD 1200 – video

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