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Christians are the most persecuted in Islamic countries

All reports devoted to the issue of Christian persecution regardless of their source (Aid to the Church in Need, Open Doors or US Department of State) clearly indicate the particularly difficult situation of Christians in countries with a predominantly Muslim population.


For example, the 2019 Open Doors document shows that in the top fifty countries that restrict the rights of Christians the most, almost forty of them are those where Muslims predominate and rule. The top ten includes as many as seven such regimes: Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen and Iran.

This is despite the repeated assurances of the followers of Islam that their religion is deeply peaceful and tolerant and that attacks on Christians and other non-Muslims are the work of those who “have nothing to do with Islam or who know little about it”.

Meanwhile, violent militant Islamism is rampant in Africa and Asia compared to last year’s report, according to Open Doors.

We could also mention the resurgence of radical Islamism in Turkey, the most striking and symbolic example of which was the recent change in the status of Christian temple-museum Hagia Sophia, which after eighty-six years was again turned into a mosque. Another famous Turkish Christian temple (The Chora Church) has been subjected to a similar fate more recently as well.

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