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Pakistani Christian woman beaten for refusing to convert to Islam

In August 2020, an eighteen-year-old Christian housemaid named Aneeqa was reportedly beaten and abused by her Muslim employer in Lahore (Pakistan) after she refused to convert to Islam. She was working as a domestic worker for a Muslim family since July.


Aneeqa refused to convert to Islam and her employer reportedly beat her as a result. Following this interaction, her employer would often beat her for minor issues and verbally abuse her and her Christian faith.

More recently, Aneeqa was falsely accused of stealing gold and other valuables from her employer’s home. As a result, she was fired from her job.

While working for her former employer, Aneeqa was not allowed to talk to her parents and her parents had to receive permission from her employer to visit her at the workplace.

The widespread discrimination in Pakistan regularly relegates the country’s Christian minority to the lowest rungs of society.


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