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Assyrian Christian man still missing after more than four months

An elderly Christian man living in a remote Turkish village has been missing for 134 days, International Christian Concern reported.


Hurmuz and Simoni Diril were kidnapped on January 11th by PKK members. According to ICC, the body of Simoni was later discovered in March, but precisely what befell the couple after the kidnapping, and the fate of Hurmuz, remain unknown.

After the couple had returned to their village in the northeastern corner of Turkey, they wanted to galvanise the Christian presence in Mehr, which was a historically Christian place before.

However, because of targeted kidnappings and the disappearances of people, the village had emptied. 

Their kidnapping has greatly shaken the Assyrian Christian community. It has reduced confidence in the possibility of returning to evacuated homes, and also reduced confidence in the protection of authorities, ICC noted.

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