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Surrogacy: wombs for rent and babies for sale

The worldwide lockdown has brought up the issue of human trafficking under the name of surrogacy. This was due to a Ukrainian agency which posted a video showing cradles with forty-six babies waiting to be picked up by couples who ordered them.


According to the Italian press which has made the case public, there are at least five hundred surrogate children born in Ukraine with whom the clinics do not know what to do in the current situation.

The services of the Ukrainian BioTexCom facility are used by clients from all over Europe, including Italy, where surrogation is prohibited by law. Using a “belly for rent” is a criminal offence that carries a penalty of up to two years in prison in this country and a high fine.

The concept seems to have gathered interest from a film in which Deniz Herman, a lawyer of the clinic, appeals to his clients to ask their governments to issue a special permit enabling them to travel to Ukraine and collect the “ordered goods” for which they paid. The Italian anti-surrogacy network reminds us that we are dealing with human trafficking in which women are becoming an instrument and children a commodity.

The Italian organisation also notes that this practice is starting to be tolerated on the Apennine Peninsula, which is gradually advancing the legalising of surrogacy. It is interesting to note that same-sex environments, which currently use the help of American clinics, actively promote the custom.


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