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Polish priest installed a non-contact holy water font in his church

A contactless font for holy water has been installed in the the church of the Holy Body and Blood of Christ in the town of Zawiercie by the local parish priest Henryk Kowalski.


“Because during this period there is no holy water in the entrance of the church, I installed this contactless  device over the traditional one. All you have to do is bring your hand near and the water flows from the spout automatically,” explained Fr. Kowalski to a journalist from the Catholic newspaper Niedziela.

The installation depicts a stone with symbols of the coronavirus cracked and moved away from the tomb of Christ. “In this difficult pandemic experience we must be trustful and persistent. We cannot doubt. Christ is the winner!” he explained.

“Sometimes we get trapped in sadness and depression; Jesus will free us,”  Fr. Kowalski concluded.



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