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“This virus seems to go to church but bypasses supermarkets”

"If we have a real pandemic threat, why can there be up to ten people in the church, regardless of the size of the church building, but at the same time several hundred in large supermarkets and department stores?" asked Bishop Edward Kawa, an auxiliary bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lviv in an interview given to Father Roman Łab.

“I think there is a great danger that can be described as the primacy of ideology over science. From the very announcement of the epidemic by the WHO, many questions have arisen to which we have not received any or at least receive very poor answers. A lot of panic, fear, and at the same time a lack of specific explanations at this advanced stage of medical development,” the Archbishop said.

“It seems like it was not created without the participation of global interests of environments hostile to the Church. After all, during the world quarantine, the life of the Church was significantly reduced, especially the access to the Sacraments, in particular to the Sacrament of the Eucharist,” Bishop Kawa continued.

“If they are well organised, the faithful can enter the temple and participate in the liturgy at a safe distance from each other. Big churches allow this. Throughout the liturgy, the faithful should not approach each other but can share a sign of peace by nodding their heads. In supermarkets, on the other hand, people are constantly switching from one side to the other, touching various goods, often without protective gloves (…) When we look at the double standards regarding hygienic regulations, it looks as if this virus goes to church but bypasses supermarkets,” he concluded.



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