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Polish Catholics question new government’s church attendance restrictions

On Tuesday, during a joint press conference, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced further restrictions to tackle the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. The government introduced restraints on movement as well as placing a limit of five people who can be present together inside a church.


Due to this new limitation, a petition has been addressed to the Prime Minister. Catholics urge the head of government to decree that more people can participate in the celebration of the Paschal Triduum, up to half the seating capacity in any church or chapel. This solution is analogous to the restrictions introduced in public transport. Up to 35 people can stay on buses and trams within a dozen or so square metres.

“In the fight against coronavirus, the government has again tightened the rules of national quarantine. However, this happened with some inconsistency. While there can be as many people as there are half of the seats in public transport, only five people can participate in the Mass or service, regardless of the church’s capacity and free places,” says the petition.

The authors of the letter (the Life and Family Foundation) call for the number of believers attending churches to be increased, at least on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.


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