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UK: Boris Johnson orders the closing of churches

Closed churches, a ban on baptismal liturgies and marriages, funerals only with close family members - this is part of the tightened security regulations announced on Monday evening by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus in the UK.


The head of the British government announced the introduction of new restrictions similar to those currently implemented in Italy as well as other countries. They allow citizens to leave their homes only in a few cases, which include going out to work or grocery shopping.   

The new restrictions also largely apply to churches and other places of worship which are about to be closed. Baptisms and blessing of marriages are suspended. Funerals can be performed only with the participation of the closest family of the deceased. The latest regulations have been introduced for three weeks for now.

“Without a great national effort to stop the virus, there will come a moment that no world health service can handle; because there will not be enough respirators, specialist beds, doctors and nurses (…) as we have seen in other countries, also with excellent health care, it is a moment of real danger “- warned the British Prime Minister.


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