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Germany: a historic chapel vandalised in Wachtberg-Werthoven

Leftist extremists have defaced the historical Catholic chapel of Wachtberg-Werthoven (western Germany). 


The walls and the old door of this chapel located in the middle of the town of Wachtberg-Werthoven (North Rhine-Westphalia) have been smeared with black and red paint.

“The old oak door was painted by volunteers last summer,” commented sexton Renate Klein. She estimates that the total damage is very high. “Among other things, half of the chapel has to be painted again. We will probably not be able to do this on our own,”she added.

The work cannot be carried out by local volunteers alone because the building is listed. 

A similar act was also reported in the neighbouring village of Fritzdorf where a house was also smeared with paint. Everything indicates that the perpetrators were the same as in Werthhoven. The police are now investigating the matter.


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