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Reinforcing Christian Communities Is Vital for Syrian Stability

The outbreak of the Syrian war in 2011 sparked an international humanitarian crisis. Thousands have been killed, and millions are still living as refugees in neighboring countries, or are displaced in their own country. Yet, churches in Syria has been a crucial component to maintain stability and structure in the war-torn nation.

Syria’s Christian church organizations “serve as bridges” in Syria’s education, health, and cultural activities, helping communities devastated by the conflict. Open Doors reported on the Alliance Church, centered in Aleppo, who has taken a stance to aid Christian communities and refugees.

Led by men and women of deep faith, the Alliance Church has turned their building into a Center of Hope where they can feed the hungry, dress the needy, comfort the weeping and share the gospel. Father Abdallah and his wife, Aghna, prayerfully made the dangerous decision to stay in Aleppo during the initial outbreaks of war, to minister to their congregation of 600 members, and reach out to deprived refugees.

“I remember the rumors about our church closing down during the start of the crisis,” Father Abdallah said. But the Alliance Church, much like other churches across Syria, has been busy working behind the scenes to serve the congregation and community.

“We were open the whole time,” Father Abdallah adds. Through international relief and support, the church was not only able to keep their doors open but also become a Center of Hope for the community.

Seeing their pastor and his family continue to serve and do their work in the church, encouraged many church members and gave them the courage and determination to stay in Syria as well. Throughout the Syrian war, it seemed as if Christian presence was absent, and churches ceased to exist. But as the conflict lingers, Christians continue to be a beacon of light and offering through its Centers of Hope.

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