Prayer for Peace in the Middle East

Frequently, we report on the plight of persecuted Christians. Reporting is never enough; we need to show solidarity with them in spirit. In your kindness, please take time to pray for the men, women and children that suffer and die because of their Christian Faith.




“Our persecuted brothers and sisters are the elite of the Church. To show solidarity with them is a matter of honour.”

Fr Werenfried van Straaten, Founder of Aid to the Church in Need

Most of us, who read these lines live in a safe environment. We are free to express our thoughts, to practice our faith, to belong to a community of Christians. Let us join in prayer for those brothers and sisters in the Middle East who are not. 

Aid to the Church in Need published a compilation of prayer poems their supporters wrote. Here is one we propose to pray together:


GOD OF PEACE, bearer of hope, we seek your help for the people of the Middle East.

Quiet the clamour of war and guide us towards peace.

Where there is hatred and division sow seeds of calm and openness.

Where there is destruction help us to rebuild. Where children are crying bring an end to tears.

Shelter your people’s and protect them.

Guide them and keep them from harm.

Show us how to break down the barriers of history

and fear and breathe whispers of hope. Amen. – Robert

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