God’s not Dead

God is not Dead

“God’s not dead” is an American movie about how to be steadfast in our religious beliefs even when it is challenging to profess them.

I recently came across a Christian movie with the title “God’s Not Dead”. It is an American Christian drama released in 2014 was directed by Harold Cronk. In the film, Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) is an Evangelical Christian student whose philosophy teacher asks the whole class at their first seminar to sign the statement: “God is Dead.” Most of the students comply with the request automatically; Josh Wheaton refuses. He cannot write down “God is dead” because his religious beliefs say otherwise.  The atheist teacher invites Josh to justify his statement to the class during the first three lessons, a challenge the young student accepts.

During the movie, Josh has to make sacrifices for his faith. Being afraid of the consequences of Josh’s act, his girlfriend breaks up with him —  many others condemn him.

The film portrays not only Josh’s fight to give witness to his faith, but it also depicts the conversion of others. Ayisha,  a Muslim girl who gives up on her faith to follow Christ and leaves her family at the same time is a case in point. Also, the girlfriend of the philosophy teacher is a believer but is ridiculed by her partner because of her faith.

In the film, the teacher resists the love of God until the last moments, but during the film, we come to understand the reason for his hate of religion.

The movie also shows how the followers of Christ are aroused in their faith, heartened by the testimony of Josh, and how non-believers begin to understand that their life is worthless without God.

In one particular scene, the protagonist talks to his girlfriend about why he did not sign the sentence, “God’s dead,” stating that he felt that God needed to be protected by someone. As a writer, this line opened my eyes and made me reflect. I pondered on the many occasions we chose not to come out on the side of God, or his followers, in situations when they need our protection. We fear to lose our job, our position, our relationships and so do nothing.  Our silence must surely disappoint our Lord whom we can thank for everything.

In summary,  the film has the potential to affect its audience. The perceptive believer can feel the love of God,  be strengthened in their faith, uplifted because of the happiness that the love of Christ produces in the world, and be encouraged to go out to the whole world saying: “God’s not dead.” For the non-believers, the film offers an opportunity to think about God, his power and his eternal love.

Shane Harper, the lead actor,  is an Evangelical Christian in real life. His personal religious beliefs seem to make authentic the character he portrays.


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